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Intellectual Matter Of Trust vs Trust Matter Perpetually Balancing Life Now.


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No generation gap trusts any other generation gap, every sibling cannot trust their own siblings. Every secret won't share everything their ideology understands inside out.

Every society governs next generations educating concepts of thinking outside one's own time adapting to the moment here a person cannot trust their own instincts.

Live Evil. One species did it to themselves, historically after establishing context over content, symbolism over substance, multiple task truths that defy actual evolving in plain sight.

When people won't forgive thyemselves, how will each person forgive everyone else practicing the same thing honoring duty to better tomorrrows than evolving provided so far?

Reasonable doubt educated people nobody knows and everyone believes it.

Point of no return has arrived.

Don't expect miracles when eternity has always been in plain sight. Choices started human eternal hell, a choice can end it as well without harming a reproduction left evolving forward from here.

the technology is here and in use to correct it if every society and ancestral lineage is tired of their own self destruction. I am. Life doesn't give me any other option than stand my time evolving here in plain sight mutually evolving as any reproduction ever has. or does get since conceived.

the new common since sense of proportion. Equality regardles personal talents. it isn't new, just ignored from so long no record of it ever been discussed.

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adding information to clarify more than just a single talking point.
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