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What Is Self Evident About Being Alive Now


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The personal security and naturally assured, I am not the one denying now is eternity. Behold real and understand time as displaced as actuality is so much more than factually denying why you are here since conceived.

Rhetorical Question, "Have you ever discovered how kinetic evolving actually works naturally?".

I have, since I am an evolving cycle of life living as eternally separated in an ever changing form currently occupying space specifically me since conceived occupying space alive or dead until decomposed.

Seeing evolving without reasonabld doubt. Just have to deal with typecast people never accept it, relatives or not. I am an island in the streaming of DNA results occupying space now.

That compoundingly simple. I live spontaneously here simultaneously me where genetics sustains eternal separation of active reproductions present, until no more great great grandchildren arrive to evolve forward as 1 o 2 parents or not. reaching 1 of 4 grandparents or not. Never been a grandparent won't become 1 of 8 great grandparents, etc to series parallel displacements.

Natural linking if ever an open circuit arrives, extinction is achieved when dead as an ancestral lineage, or species. the simplicity of the kinetic whole is equal to total sum of all its active parts.

To be free from social consensus and equal to anyone or anything ever occupying space past, present, future. No better, no worse, just evolving forward understanding how, why, I am specifically this what, where, when, which, place, thing, person that has been eternally separated so far.

All you self annointed typecast people saving humanity torn apart by ideologies rule so only a few direct the outcomes for the oher 99% trained to dedicate themselves to saving people demnding to be treated like a gift from another dimension of mutually evolving forward now.

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