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Corrupting Or Correcting The Whole Life Process Is Never Done Alone


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Life evolves changing current total sum present all the time everything is changing into something that never is same total sum again here.


Simpliest way to navigate this is series parllel compounding changes as series is to spontaneously individually here as parallel is to all done in sequence together now and the results do not exceed co-existing now.


So how do things flow never exceeding the same time ocupying space here.

Define space since it has several interpretations of the same word?  Object occupies space but there is space between objects. now comes subjective selection and each translation is true to the object occupying pace and objective to explaining the distances between simultaneously here each is evolving differently as proportionately alive sharing the same moment.


What a conundrum conveting expoential evolving into existential translations of equally timed part results.


Easiest and most honest way to do this is everyone alive agree the moment here is universally eternity where eternal separaion is an ongoing process of nothing stays the same form shaped at arrival or duplicated again after arriving.


Kinetics flowing induce static energies  that mark event horizons into memories experienced instinctively at a cellular level occupying time inhabiting space between erosion and decomposing results.


the universal binary code of 0 or 1. 


Never happened. 1 was never stayed same on arrival  and form never duplicated shape again. Compounding evolving event where the whole is equal to total sum of all its parts present.


Actually explaining self evident to kinetic changes here on a universal scale to individual results.

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