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Common Denominators Between Leadership's Exceptionalism And Fellowship's Exemptionism


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Both sides agree to never accept life being self evident and neither side is at fault with both sides never correcting the process until extinction event occurs naturally correcting the species out of balance from within itself.

Persons that cannot forgive themselves being fooled from birth, won't forgive those that trained them to believe reached their grave. They also won't forgive anyone for not trying, and that comes back to self loathing their social narrative they cannot change their mind by rule of law or devotion to saving tomorrows sacrificing time evolving forward now.
forced compliance to denying self ends up creating bipolar disorder between instinctive brain navigation and intellectual requirements to stay in character or else.

society decrees morality, legality, ethics, economics supercedes honesty about occupying space now. For the children having better tomorrows than genetics displaced them here so far.

I didn't create humanities and after birth I was trained to never disobey deniers or else. My instncts see extinction in the very near future bringing an end to compounding human error never corrected.

Two options, let extinction happen, or explain life to people never accepting they knew all the time but waiting for someone else to stand their time against humanity.

Look what happened to a guy 101 gnerations ago that did.

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The Human Over Estimation Of Their Own Intellect is this species longest running mistake ever capitalized on since dawn of civilization began and nobody wants to correct it because everyone believes reality is all anyone can know, socially.

To believe anything is possible requires a unanimous participation in never agreeing to allow instinctive awareness into a public debate planning out tomorrrows results arriving now all the time.

How can a species make that happen and 99% of the population won't accept genetics eternally separates the lifetimes present?

Rule of law, chain of command, promises of better tomorrows than life delivers here now. Just believe reality is better than adapting to space being eternally separated now.

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