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Thought experiments to help motivate me to reach my fullest potential:


🌗 Feel free to add any you come up with! 🌓


1. What if I had only one year left to live? How would I prioritize my time and focus on my passions and goals?


2. Imagine that I have a special ability to learn anything I want, quickly and effortlessly. How would I use this ability to become the best version of myself?


3. Think about what I would do if I woke up tomorrow with all the knowledge and skills that I currently lack. How would I apply this newfound wisdom to make a difference in the world?


4. Imagine that I are transported back in time to meet Leonardo Da Vinci himself. What would I ask him and how would I use his advice to become a better version of myself?


5. Imagine that I have the ability to fly, like a bird. How would this change my perspective on the world and my own potential for growth and creativity?


6. Imagine that I am creating a self-portrait, not with a paintbrush, but with my actions and deeds. What kind of person do I want to be remembered as, and what steps can I take to bring that vision to life?


7. Close my eyes and imagine myself standing in front of a giant hourglass. With each passing moment, sand is trickling from the top to the bottom, representing the precious time I have in this world. How would I use that time differently if I knew that I only had one year left to live?


8. Picture myself as a master of all knowledge, able to learn anything I desire with ease. Imagine myself waking up with this ability, and think about what I would do with my newfound wisdom. How would I use it to better myself and the world around me?


9. Imagine that I have a magic paintbrush, capable of bringing my wildest dreams and ideas to life with a single stroke. What kind of world would I create, and what kind of person would I need to become in order to bring that vision to fruition?


10. Imagine myself as a time traveler, able to journey to the past or future at will. Choose to visit my future self, who has achieved all of their goals and more. Observe what my future self is like, what they have accomplished, and what wisdom they have to impart to me. Take note of their advice and use it to guide my present actions and decisions.


11. Imagine that I have been blessed with superhuman powers, capable of performing feats beyond the reach of mere mortals. Visualize myself using these powers to make the world a better place, to help others, and to bring about positive change. Think about what kind of person I would need to be in order to use my powers wisely, and how I can begin to embody that person in my everyday life.


12. Imagine that I am standing before a blank canvas, with a paintbrush in hand. This paintbrush is magical, and with each stroke of the brush, the image on the canvas becomes reality. Paint the world that I want to live in, filled with love, happiness, and endless possibilities. Then, imagine myself stepping into this world and becoming the person who can make it a reality.


13. Imagine that I am a space explorer, traveling through the vast universe in search of new worlds and new adventures. As O journey through the stars, I encounter a wise, ancient being who offers to show me a vision of my future self. In this vision, I see myself living a life filled with happiness, success, and fulfillment. Take note of what I see, and use that knowledge to shape my actions and decisions in the present moment.


14. Picture myself as a superhero, with the power to bend reality to my will. Use my powers to create a world that is perfect in every way, filled with peace, justice, and happiness. Think about what kind of person I would need to be in order to use my powers for good, and how I can begin to embody that person in my everyday life.


15. Imagine that I am are a dreamer, with the ability to create entire worlds with my mind. Think about what kind of world I would like to create, filled with all of my wildest dreams and deepest desires. Visualize myself stepping into this world and becoming the person who can make it a reality.


16. Imagine that I are a master builder, capable of constructing anything I can imagine. Think about the kind of world I would like to build, and begin to design it in my mind. See myself bringing that world to life, piece by piece, and watch as it becomes a reality.



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I discovered a universal constant, time is stationary and my sole position of displacement is evolving by compounding events simply added together while changing form since conceived.


Creating better tomorrows avoids recognizing time is stationary when achieving goals for tomorrow while never same total sum currently alive.  That is the root of all intellectual conundrums of best plans played out by mice and men are doomed to fail for one constant reason.  Evolving doesn't exceed the moment here.


Given a year to live means one has 365 more rotations of the planet to exist in a body that never duplicated changes added since conceived.  Evolving works after death, reversing the process started since conception.


Time is the duration of being alive now. Imagine you we're always part of eternity never being the same total sum currently alive instead of thinking the human spirit(intellect) can alter time and space physically evolving as genetics eternally separates current 5 generation gaps left existing forward one at a time like each great great grandchild added so far exists in plain sight.


How much time has this species wasted pretending to be exceptional part of the food chain when actually just another reproducing species populating like any other.  I lived my first 31 years believing what every human was educated to imagine possible, but something never added up to how my body had existed.  Everything never stays the same constantly except intellectual facts people follow for generations or event horizons measuring relative time.


Power of suggestion intellectually weaponized against instinctive brain creates doubt of how and why oneself is actually alive while occupying the moment specifically alive never same total sum twice "since" conceived.  All my instinctive senses are aware of my displacement being a singularity within the whole and to imagine creating something more than how and why evolving eternally separates genetic results anyother way than life existing in plain sight distorts the actual time one is evolving in now.


Fate and destiny exist genetically within an ever changing populaiton.  when ancestries give away what they are individually here to intellectual ideas evolving doesn't happen as it has, the greatest intentions to develop a better tomorrow end up sustaining mayhem, madness, misery seeking power, wealth, fame, selling hope faith, charity honoring ideas real doesn't matter and changing how evolving works in plain sight is everything that counts to save career choices of building better tomorrows than evolving sustains now.  Simple right and wrong without moralizing established doubt(history repeating itself ancestrally), legalizing economic values established by context over content, power of suggesting life exceeds evolving here now, intellect is immortal, genetics is temporary, time changes everything when nothing stays the same here.


Doubt is the great temptation. Tomorrow is the great seductress, Natural World Order is evil, Humanity is God's gift to certain humans to lead them away from understanding their actual time eternally changing form shaped since conceived here now. Satan is an instinctive brain resisting humanity's laws that order ompliance or else eliminated from the family(shunned), village(exiled/excommunicated), traitor to country, blasphemy against humanity.


Intellectual relative space time continuum by clock and calendar facts in linear social expectations of better tomorrows through promises made, dedication to possibilities kept ancestrally honored until extinction arrives.


See what you imagine possible doesn't hurt anything, until ancestries are typecast into social identities of character on a world stage defying how and why they are evolving here one ancestor at a time.  The human sacrifice of biological time adapting as displaced is given into ideas now wasn't eternity and it always has been.


Forgiveness is Divine, but it starts within oneself, given to one's own ancestry.  "Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.". That is civility without civic mind dedication to becoming the central authority capitalizing off manifested chaos established 400 generations ago when civilization began developing the humanities are greater than limited to evolving here one at a time.


The original sin. Ignoring one's own body is actually existing as eternally separated now.  it was nurtured between cradle and grave where living happens between inception and extinction while middle class ancestry is 8 great grandparents down to the 2 parenting each arriving great great grandchild of comppounding DNA arrivals as last generation reproduced in each lineage present.


doubt creates inaccurate facts, not right or wrong, just moralizing ethics, legalizing denial, substituting content to have contextual meaning.


The mistakes made with greatest of intentions produce eternal hell doing the same thing every generation so that all 5 generations left only learned about social truths used historically forward now.


It only takes changing what one minds as real instead of reality.  Nothing else has to change how societies function, just eliminate organized doubt used against everyone alive.


civil brains outlast civic minds self destructing over who's who ranked globally by power, wealth, fame.  Isn't that what you were aiming for as a better tomorrow here in your journal?

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adding information to clarify more than just a single talking point.
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