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Judgement Day isn't within a specific rotation of the planet.


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Title is a great definition for Intellectual Armageddon. Civil war doesn't harm corrupted ancestors, but corrupted ancestors eliminate honest reproductions not complying to facts arranged to sustain reasonable doubt until extinction event that is really close to fruition.

Try to disprove its accurate about every reality imagined into stages of humanity governing tomorrows when life never evolves outside the moment here with what governs human conduct cradle to grave in each society of this one species divided itself intellectually from understanding the simplicity of eternally separating compounding DNA results in plain sight now.


Freedom from reasonable doubt.

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Paranoia is an instinctive state of brain aware of what society will do to one for defying humanity in any social reality defended by those obedient to power of suggesting life is more than reproductions mutually evolving ancestrally forward now in plain sight.


Defy any reality and one is met with insubordination, treason to state of mind , and blasphemy against staying in character for one's eternal contextual soul recorded in history of living in a first world order even as a second class citizen is better than third world savage or less than an intellectual mind homo sapien.


anyway, Paranoia is socially induced into individuals doubting humanity is all anyone needs to know factually seeking actual way evolving works naturally here.  Anyone ever imagine what life would be if time didn't change evolution, but evolving eternally separates current results living here now?


Why is balance necessary and why do people seeking leaderships or fellowships tend to self destruct every 6 generation gaps as a society.

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I invented my own symbols to help me escape reasonable doubts. My path to instinctive sanity from the multiple universes and alternate realities manifest by reasonabl doubt life is part of eternally separated now.


Universal constants combined from gasous, liquid, mineral content combined from at lest 120 universal molecular constant forms shaped outside the basic atoms.

Picture-63.jpg 6 degrees of separation on 3 axses of motion individual existing spontaneosuly present simultaneously happening all the time not canceling each other out event horizons. the infamous 24/7 rotating planet, revolving around the star, spiraling within a galaxy specific to universlaly present never reproducing same details twice.  Eternity Gasous spinning, liquids balancing out center balancing, minerals filling the gaps between to either a cube or a sphere of equal proportions between inorganic universe never stationary and time never existing for each result ever established one at a time.


red is north, pink is south, green is noon, blue is midnight, uellow is dawn, orange is dusk,  Six sides of perpetual balancing being part of eternity in plane sight.

Picture-173.jpg Inorganic and ancestral  Ancestral can fit into inorganic but organic would never exist without inorganic existing first. Also compares philsoophies against psychologies within intellectual engineered realities governed by reasonable doubt.


next comes the separation between ancestor and ancestry showing the missing link science and religion never discovered or kept secret, and it doesn't matter here which other than figuring out a way to end corruption forward.

Picture-163.jpg male, female, thinking outside a box, saving humanity, ancestral displacements specific to ancestor and ancestry combined. the all white figure I will show with colors next,  but the other two with 13 points of reproduction one can achieve cradle to grave without becoming 1 of 16 great great grandparents and the complete 31 positions of ancestry that occur between being a great great grandchild nd becoming 1 of 16 great great grandparents after death.


Eternity sustaining life goes on with or without oneself.  Removing intellectual doubt now is kineticlaly eternity/thermodynamics in motion evolving everything here taking place naturally not new world order.


Anyway, let me review, red is north, pink is south, blue is midnight, green is noon, yellow is dawn, orange is dusk each ancestor sees adapting to the moment here each male, female, great great grandparent,  great grandparent, grandparent, parenting, arriving replacements each generation forward there existed 16 originals, 8 second generation, 4 3rd generation, 2 4th generation, each arriving 5th generation, 6 degrees of separation corrupts the 5th added forward now.


the final chapter in understanding instinctive ability to navigate life as a specific one male adapting to eternity leaving nothing the same again now with me only part within it.


 Picture-279.jpg Peace is obtainable when one species quits playing pretend now isn't eternity.


My guide to discovering real evolving in actual time existing without a doubt society imposes on people of character.  Actuality of being real kinetic genetic me. Same works for anything universally present inorganic or ancestral, It is a universal compounding result going on in plain sight as eternally separated in displacement here now.




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What it does to oneself figuring out why and how any reproduction exists in the grand scheme of things used against them socially by everyone else alive as a mutually evolving reproduction here that won't accept living as eternally separated now.


Discovering the distance between evolving and evolution theory, existing and existence as a whole is just being here now kinetically never being the same total sum twice. Equality in time, not equal in space creates the law of averaging outcomes based upon ever changing toal sum present explains why there is no such thing as fairness to outcomes adapting in the moment here.

Also means it isn't a dog eat dog world order either.


Survival of the fittest isn't about strongest winds and weakest becomes extinct.


Balance exists between extremes, so one must never get involved with polarizing directives selecting a specific interpretation that allows self doubt become a social greater good. 


Self doubt can be from within or applied upon from external circumstances.  One's brain has to understand which it is coming from.  inside out or outside in.


Evolving works inside out, evolution theory works outside in by the very things evolving inside out.   Oops, there is the self evident eternal conundrum of relative time theory measuring life without compounding the separation of genetic results mutually evolving now. But statistically averaging previous 4 generations against arriving replacements one at a time.


Look how corruption never ends.  By choices made to agree to never accept living as life in plain sight practiced by the very species at war within itself every generation gap added.


chaos is self induced, not understanding how and why is a choice to not accepting the specifics of what, where, when, which, person, place, thing only exists as spontaneously here simultaneously which translates into being alive in series parallel displacement conceived to decomposed now.


This moment balancing did exist, does, exist, what adds forward next is all accomplished here, where ever here is to each details never duplicated again. Physical eternity every detail has been resulting as part of the cycles never the same twice now.


One species has a history of never accepting it ancestrally nor socially and those in charge demnd everyone honor their commandments or else.  Gee, now that someone discovered what has corrupted this species since dawn of civilization, how many want to stand against those that will never believe now is eternity with me?


my experince in 16 years of trying, nobody of character.

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this morning I went online in another forum being accused of being gay, in the homosexual sense, not the happy to be alive as me since.


anyway I responded like this and it showed me how an actual civil war should be faught same way realities corrupt each great great grandchild added to the species trained to ignore now is eternity with genetics eternally separating the 8 billion human reproductions occupying space now.


Which use of the term gay are you inferring? Happy and care free 1890's interpretation or never happy with my gender 1980's version. What society-humanity does to great great grandchildren is evil, live by rule of law.

Academia, arts, economics, political wings, spiritual souls, social consensus, ancestrally practicing believing now never was eternity. Always has been here eternally separating reproductions in plain sight.

Wrath of God, Satan's Revenge, extraterrestrial implantation or invasion, Reincarnation, Karma all manifested from ignoring genetics eternally separates replacements added forward until they aren't reproduced anymore and extinction arrives at or after that event horizon be it individually never became a parent, ancestrally never became more than a parent after dying(no grandchildren), socially self inflicted within the same species(we are better than any other village), planetary natural disasters.

Kinetic self evident evolving doesn't keep secrets from those reproduced one at a time, their brain is hardwired to adapt in the moment here. Vocabulary is softward to vernacular tribalism corrupting life while eternally separated now through simple power of suggestion and psychological persuasion of power we say so and anyone defying US will be eliminated one way or another starting with ridicule, shunning, exile, or executed for crimes against humanity beginning with insubordination, treasom, blasphemy wihtin one's own family, community, ideology serving God and country tis of we the people believe.

Stop corrupting every last added generation gap. correct the corruption in previous 4 still alive. that fucking simple and achievable in real time. Intellectual Armageddon never harms a living sole reproduction because a person won't believe now isn't eternity. Always has been in plain sight of never evolving beyond being alive now.

Self evident truth.

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