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Universal Constant Do, Intellectual Concepts Don't


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Correcting why things corrupted takes understanding how corruption started.


means, motives, methods, invented opportunities, hope, faith, charity, deliver power, wealth, fame leaving mayhem, madness, misery for 99% of the populaiton not in charge of assuring tomorrow will be better days than genetics delivered so far.


Event horizons shared when occupying time inhabiting space as a singularity of eternally separated proportions of whole individuals adapting to the moment here.


inception to conception as a species

conceived to parenting as a generation gap between past and current numbers

becoming 1 of 4 grandparents

reaching 1 of 8 great grandparents

arriving at 1 of 16 great great grandparents or not. Life goes on with or without past reproductions dying.


Evolving is a process with no exceptions.

Nothing inorganic or ancestral are exemptions.

Equality of occupying the moment never same form arriving as decomposing one ancestor at a time here now.


Doesn't change per species or ancestry or universal position. The oneness at being part of the evolving whole never duplicated in shape or formed ancestral or universal position present.


Eternity isn't beyond adapting in the moment here. the ultimate understanding of self as equally here.


why balance is necessary, and tipping the scales to favor ideas always leading people to ignore why living doesn't exceed the moment here will corrupt every generation forward when socieites educate last added to never accept being alive cannot be contained by evolving forward now in the moment here.


Since dawn of civilization homo sapiens won't accept this atmosphere naturally provides a Garden of Eden, until reasonable doubt governs outcomes believing next rotation of the planet is another day in the life of confusion and chaos without consensus there are forces beyond evolving now that design life outside adapt or become extinct presence of each and everything universally present spontaneously here simultaneously never same results again.


Being against corruption is not defying real life, but defying actual evolving corrupts anything imagined more than adapting to the moment here.


Simplicity of compounding events.

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add context to clarify life's specificity to evolving forward now.
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Since dawn of civilization comes the pride of who I become, the arrogance of what we accomplished, and the shame put down on anyone saying reality isn't better than evolving in plain sight.

All you franchised realities explain yourselves?

Is corrupting every added great great grandchild an over all generations to date a greater good historically to current events as specifically taken place with ancestries existing between cradle and grave genetics eternally separates conceived to birth and dead to decomposed?

Means, motives, methods, reasonable doubt, mayhem, madness, misery induced through hope, faith, charity, seducing people to seek power, wealth, fame teaching next generations eternity is beyond being eternally separated now.

Academia, arts, economics, politics, religions, social consensus, ancestrally practiced created a physical eternal hell where none existed before dawn of civilization.

I didn't start this shit. I quit enabling it in 1982. I can't change what people mind when rule of law is stacked against me in court of public opinion and rule of law defending deniers until extinction event arrives.

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The instinctive irony to intelelctual relative time created to keep people ignoring their real reason they exist as one of a kind so the few in charge of tomorrows govern all 5 generation gaps left living here now, today. Tyranny by reasonable doubt regardless dictatorship or democracy. One person's ideas or a social consensus by we believe.


11:59:59 am today is 12am tomorrow half way around the globle simultaneously going on spontaneously a second later.

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Humanity being a dog eat dog social order doesn't even do that. Societies built like colonial insect hive mentalities doesn't even do that.

There isn't an idea governing human nature that treats humans as sole results being eternally separated in plain sight now.


Why is that?

Because even you(anyone reading this) won't accept DNA created compounding chromosomes throughout the complete food chain native to this atmosphere perpetually balancing in this one universal moment this planet has always been here now and life never same details twice, passed, current, arriving forward now, one at a time.

Series parallel existing as ancestrally displaced and you mind ideas life cannot be eternally separated as existing here in ever changing forms spontaneously alive since conceived simultaneously evolving forward one at a time geographically displaced behaving exactly as current events take place, NOW.

Bet you won't accept my brain's accountability as to why I always existed in this time and displaced sole reproduction only me as conceived to replace those 30 lifetimes contributed 93.75% my original DNA arrived over 72 years ago when conceived and my body has bever been more than total sum I am here now.

Equally conceived but not equity created by manifesting a fellowship honoring my arrival as a gift from a higher power than adapting in the moment.

the prophecy of a second coming, antichrist, 12th Imam, Nostradamus' One Male wasn't the re-arrival of a past savior of reasonable doubt. Just a reproduction being honest as to the simple basics in adapting to the moment equally conceived to replace one's own people made conceptions since inception of this species.

the numbers really will blow your mind.

self, 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1,024, 2,048, 4,096, 8,192, 16,384, 32,768, 65,536, 131,072, 262,144, 524,288,

I just listed compounding DNA just 20 generation gaps with yourself the contracting results of your 19 previous generations directly combining 99% of your unique DNA configuation never a duplicate or duplicated since added. Same applies to your siblings, each generation gaps' siblings, every ancestry, each species. It is a universal constant as discussed in thermodynamic principles to molecular migration being the irresistible force of nature.

You(anyone reading this) really don't want to change your mind about reality being all you actually know about? Your brain navigated space like one of a kind since birth. Same as mine has.

Gotcha denying life in plain sight. Bet every ruling elite in history recorded behaving just as you have all the time. I m not here to save humanities, I am here in cyberspace to rescue my own species from itself to save my grandchild from being exterminated by people worshipping reasonable doubt.This technology gives me the opportunity to get in contact with each brain using this message board and others I post on.

Yes, I am self centered as eternally separated equally just another reproduciton alive in plain sight. Who have you believed you should have been is defined by how you direct life into staged theaters of doubt forward here.

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When I treat others as my equal, is it my fault others interpret it as me acting better than those harboring an inferiority complex or the other side being condescending towards me feeling superior than I am always finding fault with how I express myself and making sure I know my place in the social chain of command?


Where in any alternate reality is their an outlet for understanding how evolving works instinctively navigating time being ancestrally eternally separated now?


Prisoner of social consensus where rule of law strips a sole reproduction of any value in society when they don't pay(sacrifice biological time) to stay in character.



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