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What Are Thought Loops?

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Thank you Phil,

I struggled with thought loops all my life. How I cured it was trough meditation and contemplation. I see meditation as a direct path whereas contemplation is more of an indirect path. The direct path ime would be to let go altogether and to feel directly the love and light which is your essential nature. But to understand it I had to cope first with my thoughts and question them… this was at times really energy sucking but ultimately  it clicked and with the recognition of the untruth of the thoughts and the recognition of our unbound nature it was easy to let go what ultimately ended in love and joy. In the end, just letting go or in other words,, living the nature of meditation,, would bring you directly to the good feeling and therefore in a state where you naturally create instead of response and recreate. But in my experience it was,at least in the beginning, difficult to let go without the trust that you don’t have to do or think trough any illusion your mind tells ,,you“.  But with that trust and recognition you effortlessly flow like a river and express your desires fully through the light and happiness we essentially are.❤️

hope nobody gets irritated by my English 😅😅😂

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