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Be here now, there is absolutely nothing to do

If you can do it this moment, you can do it the next

Why are you frustrated you forgot?

You investigate this present moment, what is here and now? Ah, a hindrance you say? Something unwholesome? Throw it out, introduce something wholesome

"What a nice breath this is." "Wow, there really is nowhere left to go.." "I can actually choose to enjoy this breath." "Wow, i'm actually safe and secure, there's nothing left to do"

You forgot for a moment, you were thinking about something unwholesome, wanting to go somewhere, craving to become

Oh! Now you remembered, you returned to the here and now and woke up to being lost in wanting! Time to relax that tension, ah now where was I...This breath, ah yes, wow this feels so nice....










Remove the hindrances, then we are fit for investigation, dukha nirodha - the entire teaching of the Buddha




Or would you rather just investigate dukha hmm, no samatha just vipassana? Let's go mahasi style baby and note this dukkha until we go so far into it.. We have a dark night of the soul! 

"It's not enough to just wake up, we have to get out of bed"


We have to, as the Buddha said, gladden the mind, the KEY step western practictioners could benefit immensly from! Metta metta metta


i am already your friend


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