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Last night a experienced a dream that was very surreal, it was dreaming I was in the room I seem to be sleeping it, but it started to overflow with water destroying everything until my head started drowning in it. Grasping for air I reached out for help, but everyone was asleep and seemed ignorant to the overflowing water.


Interpretations of this: 


Returning back to the Ocean,

Embracing and floating with the fear as Love, 

My family members being emotionally detached,

My longing for connecting with them, 

I feel like I am drowning in the ignorance of those around me, 

When I can just be as Myself, as a bright shining Star, 

They’ll find their own Light, perhaps I must venture into midnight for awhile,

Then come back to them anew. 

Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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Last night was filled with this feeling of a spirt beginning to possess me,

‘me & Me coming back together, 

Me seeing me is Always. 

My dear there is no you to steer,

Not even an each of us to be in Love,

Black heart riding fear,

White heart fallen tears,

Everything around you is guiding the clear.

Nowhere do you appear,

Right Here,

Left up from around the rear.

Top-Down Tears. 

Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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Did I dream?

Did I knot?


Where was the seem once fought,

Twisted together into Forever,

This night Seeing,

Into the morning Being,

When the eyes clear,

No-one more steers,


Well Laughing.

Every one of my bones twist,

Chaos sent me scattered,

Each missed,

These pains are nothing more then psychic messages,

Sending me toward my goal,

To revive the Ground,

For the Unconscious & Conscious to compound,

In each seeming me.


Incarnate as this form,

Went through a childhood of storm,

Just to understand Love,

We put ourself where we need to be,

To learn what we need to learn,

The Heart’s Destiny,

Growing from This Free.

When the stars aline,

The planets combine,

Into the Power that is neither your’s or mine.


This heart aches, both lost and Found,

Nobody around wants to hear my sound,

The Grass grows behind as I walk,
Yet they only want the Apples I drop,

Not any appreciation,

Or a single hug,

Do I have to go first?

Im the next second, 

Times gone,

You don’t even have to start all along.


Restlessly I dream,

Web of seems,

Cracked glass,

Icicles in mass,

Melt the metal,

You don’t need anything at all,

Don’t be afraid,

The love I feel is unconditional,

Before born these Roots cannot be torn.

Under your feet too,

Standing is the One-Two.

One leg gets tired alone,

When the other foot drops,

You’ll be running Home.




Release the steam from the head,

From everything an everyone said,

Tired as I seem well I stream,

Yet Source is an Endless Dream,

Creativity always bursting from the seems,

Perhaps it’s time to wonder?

Off into the woods?

Connect the water to the sky,

Fall together Flaming Eyes.

Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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Good night sleep last night feel well rested, 

Dreams have been hard to keep track of,

Coming up in fragments,

The poem I wrote here yesterday was essentially me falling in and out of dream states picking up the pieces in the middle of the night. Didn’t really get any deep sleep at all. 

I have a lot of abstract dreams where I don’t have a body and I just float around as Infinite Space, they are really hard to write down, as there isn’t really a story there most of the time, like this crazy vortex of planets, stars, and colours all smashing together to create something, the churning of the Universe. 

Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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Back of the room, top of the mountain:

Adventures find an old abandon house,

They search the house for awhile,
Eventually finding a back room wine cellar that opens up to a pathway outside,

There is an icy hill, but they slide down each time an attempt to climb is made,

There is a Temple at the top they can see and desire to reach, 

Like an icy steep driveway,

The only way up was to go around not directly up,

Planting their two feet in the snow,

Crunching in down with their boots,

Making sure each step was planted firm,

One of them stops part way to look backwards to reflect,

The others keep going, 

Four made it to the top, 

Arriving at the top there was a trickster king,

Who teleported three of the adventures away and steels their treasures & supplies that the one left behind was carrying, 

This is how he survives,

He owned the hill, nobody else was allowed to look out the window to See,

Darkness veils him, 

On the other side, at the bottom of the mountain a Zen Master sits in the Springs, 

Warming and healing,

But the arrogant king doesn’t know about the Springs,

Because he just sits at the top thinking this is It,

This is the good life,

Having this beautiful view for just him,

Having all these goodies for just him, 

Doesn’t even share with his royal guards,

Choking on his own misery,

Not close enough to the Ground to hear the Zen Master’s Laughter & feel the Joy.

This one was interpreted as I was writing it down,

I feel the message is pretty clear with it, 

What kind of happiness do you choose?

The king or the Zen Master’s? 

The full Path? Or to just sit and ‘the top’ and claim superiority? 
After you have made the full trip around, you find something better than bottoms or tops,

Don’t get distracted by the king with his fancy temple and gold treasures, 

Cut his head clean off (Don’t leave one shred of sense of separate self),

Look out the window,

See the View

And climb down to the Springs for full Healing. 

Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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