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What works for me when it's tough


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Thought I'd share what I've found. I haven't been keeping a journal and I figured it may be useful to someone if I write it here anyway, but I need to write it out right now for myself as well. If anyone wants to comment or add, I welcome that.


Something that feels like a super power, or ace in the hole; when you start to question it all, feel really anxious, exhausted, feel like giving up, when it is just about unbearable;


It doesn't matter what you're doing( if it's life or death I don't think you'll be having these thoughts), take a break and do what you feel like doing during that time, eat what you want, go somewhere, do something; meditate, have a lazy day, yoga, swim, run, lay in the sun.


Don't muscle through it(you won't be able to, you'll just drive yourself down further, but don't try to muscle through it) when it feels unbearable. In those times stop yourself like you're your loved one that sees you killing yourself, stop and do what you feel like doing. You usually only need a short recuperation and then you'll be back up to full speed and morale rather than slogging at 10%.


That's the trick but to pull that off you need to realize that the break you take is as much great life as is completing what you're trying to do, the only thing that really matters is being in the life you want to be in in that moment.


Then in that peaceful time you can design and reassess, re strategize the life you want if you need to, often you need little more than a minor adjustment in some area if nothing at all but the rest.


And the more you do this the more stable you will be at being how you want to be, you will complete the tasks in that comfortable state, except when you feel like taking a beating again, which is also fun occasionally. I just think keeping in mind that you have this parachute you can pull at anytime lets you do much more. I do things in life that not only others don't do but everyone around me either directly or indirectly tells me not only that I shouldn't because it's too hard, but they even tell me I can't do it, yet I look at the mountain like a giddy little kid with zero worry or hesitation, and I not only complete it but I complete it with grace, class, and joy; having just lived a completely original experience, having had jumped into the rabbit hole with mystery and adventure

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