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Suggestions for How to Get the Most From the Forum


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Ask Questions


Why ask questions? Curiosity is the admission that we do not know. Curiosity is relieving and always feels great. It is open allowing for more and more nuanced insights to fill in. What we want to fill in is the love, joy, and passion that is so much more fulfilling than holding an idea of ourselves as one who knows. 


A lot of the questions we ask are asked from the prior assumption that we already have knowledge. We might believe that we are revealing our prior knowledge or lack thereof by asking a question. When there is concern about how we are perceived or how others perceive us, there is contraction, while what’s actually desired is expansion and the truth of perception. 

All suffering and discord is itself asking for clarity and alignment. Questioning discord and asking existential questions are the same, and result is self-knowledge and freeing the feeling that is the Self. 


Many, if not all environments in the world imply a pressure on knowing knowledge, but not this setting. This place is anonymous and is specifically designed for the asking of any and all questions. 


Our Shared Being


Whether it’s thought that answers are coming from others or separate selves or not, in actuality all questions and all answers arise of, our shared infinite being. 


Leaving a Resource for Others


When contributing questions and answers on this forum, be mindful that you are taking part in a much bigger picture and helping many to also engage, as many will have the same questions arise and will have access to insightful answers. 


Honor the word and be mindful of self-respect, respect for the forum, and for those to come who will also utilize the forum, and put care into your comments. Employ patience in utilizing proper grammar and spelling, and objective searchable thread titles which phrase your question, concern or subject matter accurately. Allow the specific question or questions, what it is you are looking for clarity and insight for, to come to mind and be sure to include the questions with your thread. We get back what we put in.

If your aim is only to express, utilize an expression journal.   


A lot of communication online has gotten shorter over time and on platforms designed to grab attention for short bursts of time. This forum is structured to allow for the depth of conversations that are warranted through this “work”.


On Spiritual “Lingo” 


If the language used here seems strange or hard to understand, feel free to ask if you don’t understand what something means. If you feel annoyed or frustrated, look at the emotion itself rather than jumping to the conclusion that nothing helpful is being communicated. In these discussions we often use terms borrowed from various teachers. Using unique terms helps to break old thought patterns and cuts through the connotations of more commonly used words. It helps to see things in a whole new light. You will be surprised how quickly you pick up on them and it is well worth learning. It is ok to read a sentence and feel into the meaning without being completely sure of exactly what all the words intend to point to.


This is Already it


We may have the idea that we are here to fix issues or gain spiritual knowledge so that we can more fully enjoy life later on in the future, but put your all into the here and now, to what is. This forum is not a distraction from your life, it’s not a way to pass the time. It’s a tool for, a means of, unfettering yourself and allowing your true potentiality and creativity into your life. Feel for the words when you write, write from your heart, open your mind, appreciate others here and what they contribute, love one another as yourself.  



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