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Unconventional Ways To Improve Cognition

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You've probably heard about the many ways to improve cognition: read books, meditate, exercise and do some crazy brain games. But have you heard about these unconventional strategies?


#1 Neuroplasticity - 00:45 - Expose yourself to novelty

#2 Get Distracted - 01:32 - Studies show some background noise can actually boost productivity

#3 Practice Multi-Tasking - 02:56 - Multi-tasking isn't productive, but it can teach your brain to stay focused while being distracted.

#4 Power Training - 03:49 - Explosive plyometric or high intensity interval training will increase the speed of your nervous system

#5 Creative Visualization - 04:55 - Envisioned mental images in our head are directly connected with the ones in the outside world. Visualize the skills you want to improve.

#6 Empathy - 05:40 - Empathy stimulates the prefrontal cortex and boosts emotional intelligence.

#7 Inversion - 06:16 - Sending more blood flow to the brain is good for the functioning and health of the brain. Do handstands or hang upside down.

What do you do to improve your cognition?




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On 3/17/2022 at 7:02 PM, MeditatingGod said:

What do you do to improve your cognition?

Mostly dietary (reducing alcohol, caffeine and general junk food), plus aerobic exercise. There's some good ideas in your list tho. #7 reminds me that I must get back into the yoga too. 

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Here's one.  Work a part time job or do part time volunteer work that is intellectually or socially stimulating.  This might not be unconventional though.  The thing is the brain-body system is like a muscle that improves with use.  It's good to start slowly though so as not to get overwhelmed.  This could also be a nice entry point for people who are retired who want to keep a foot in work for the intellectual and social benefits that comes from it.  It's nice to be pushed with factors outside of your own comfort zone.  Young people have school which kind of does this.  But there are people who've been out of work for a period of time or are maybe stay at home moms or dads (whatever the case may be).

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In my experience, #4 is the most powerful and it's not even close.  Playing sports that simulate HIIT (like soccer or basketball) regularly. (But this may vary by person/body type.)

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