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An Analogy for Enlightenment and God!

Can you see it?  

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  1. 1. Can you see it?

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These are 3d magic eye pictures. Somebody shared one in the optical illusions thread, and I wanted to share more here because I think they provide a great analogy for what enlightenment is.


It’s hidden in plain sight.

You can’t know what it is until you’ve seen it.

Once you’ve seen it, it’s completely obvious what you’re supposed to be looking at.

If you wonder whether or not you’ve seen it, you haven’t.

Once seen, the appropriate response is “oh wow, that’s incredible!”.

You can’t explain it to anybody who hasn’t seen it. Don’t even try, you’ll sound like a lunatic.

The best you can do is point others to what they’re supposed to see for themselves.


Hold your head 1 to 2 feet back from the screen. Use a computer! Don’t try to look at these on your smart phone. It’s much easier if the image is fairly large. Cross your eyes until you start to see double. If you’re doing it right, you should see a 3d image. At first, it may take several minutes for you to glimpse it but keep trying! You can learn how to see them instantly and very clearly. Also, look at the screen directly at a 90-degree angle. Off angles can distort the image.


Here’s a few that I thought were cool!


In this first one, you should be seeing the DeLorean from Back to the Future!


This next one contains a rude message!


This is my favorite!








😉Let It Go!😝

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Dude it can scare the shit out of me. I've been seeing now the 5th one, I blinked and then realized I haven't seen yet the full scope of it and it popped very 3d and then tried looking at something else hoping to stop the illusion but then I look back and it pops large and then I got a little stressed lol

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@DMT Elf I read that it has to do with your eyes working together and other eye issues whether you can see it or not. 


I saw one part pop up of @Nowt picture on my optical illusions thread today on my computer, but the second my eyes moved to see another area of the picture I lost it. 


I had a terrible case of optic neuritis in my left eye in my twenties and lost my vision in that eye for about 6 weeks. Now the optic nerve is permanently damaged, although the vision came back, the nerve is scarred . So, I wonder if that's why I basically can't see it? 🤔 


I think I'll stop trying to see these.😅

You're a thought. Do you think a thought is going to occupy 'no thought'.

The 'changeless' can be realized only when the 
ever-changing thought-flow stops.

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