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Would you try it?  

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  1. 1. Would you try it?

    • Yes!
    • Probably not. Bad idea.
    • Maybe if I got the opportunity, but it's not on my list.

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Soooo, I definitely have no plans to do this anytime soon, but I've been curious about it for a while, and it was briefly talked about by Adam of Psyched Substance. I also understand that it was used in Rick Strassmans research. 

What are people's thoughts on this? 

Bucket list thing.. Like, do it just once??



😉Let It Go!😝

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I would never shoot something in my veins, but that's mostly because of my experiences. I've been seriously addicted to almost everything I could get, but at least half of my addiction was to the action (smoking, snorting) rather than the product. I haven't snorted for 17 years, but when for example I make pancakes and there is flour on the table, I get a huge urge to start "preparing it", making lines, and roll a paper bill. I'm so thankful that I saw my fellow junks go wrong with shooting heroïne before I was there, or I would want to shoot myself full time.

That said, I never did dimitri, was hard to get where I lived at that time. I can imagine smoking it in one of the next few years. It's the only substance that is still on my bucketlist.

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I think the only reason to do it IV would be for clinical research where precision of dosage is important for accurate recording of outcomes.


If you are simply looking for a extended DMT trip then just take an MAOI, and with that in combination with a DMT vape you can sustain the experience for as long as you want up to around 6 hours. 



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