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what do people mean when they say they feel "empty"?

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it is often said about depression (and self-harm) that one central aspect of it is "feeling empty".

i've never understood what exactly people mean by this.

i don't think i've ever felt empty. if anything, i feel too much.


could someone try to explain or describe what is meant by this expression?

those of you struggling with depression (and/or self-harm), what exactly is it like when you "feel empty"? what would be a synonym of "empty" in this context?

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yeah, i get that the expression is inherently contradictory.

i was asking because those exact words are used in many official psychiatric catalogues for mental health diagnoses, and i'm trying to figure some things out in that regard.

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@Phil  the sun is shining and the surface of the moon reflects the light of the sun. so the moon appears to illuminate, or at least it is illuminat-ed (in the passive voice)?

sorry to all the geography and astrophysics folks if i said that wrong.

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