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4 minutes ago, Jonas Long said:

Who says I just write or sing about it?  Do you know about my life? Singing, writing, art, is a way of embracing desire.  Why says it stops there for me? 

No, I just know of what I've seen of you, the apparent anger, resentment, hostility toward others, all while having a spiritual side as well, with attacking others for embracing 'materialism'.

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5 minutes ago, Jonas Long said:

My bad, did you want to use something other than words here, cause thats all I see from you....I did record a song, and some paintings which I shared here.  What else do you propose? 

Lol, no, I just mean even the word duality is made up, it having a meaning would itself be a 'duality'.

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Just now, Jonas Long said:

Why would you tell someone else that they are "repressed" or "need to do stage orange", or whatever it was you thought to tell me.  You began this. 

I have this 'feeling' 'inside me' and I didn't want to repress it, a feeling that 'people' can help 'each other' enjoy.

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