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Dreamboard vs ego desires


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if it comes to dream board, is it important to acknowledge if desires come from *soul/truth/god/love/divine-expression*, whatever you want to call it, or from the sense of separated self?(therefore from the sense of lack?) my "gut" tells me it is. 

For example, if before putting something on dream-board i ask myself this question:

Is there a feeling that if I get this I'll be happier and more complete than I am right now?

if the answer is "yes" it comes from a sense of lack. 

it's not that it's bad or anything, but it's ego driven desire, and i know for sure, it won't bring me long-lasting satisfaction, because it comes from a illusion, that i am not whole or complete at this very moment.

The problem is, i don't see any desires that bring me a real sense of joy, and satisfaction, and are beneficial to others.  I don't see my soul-purpose just yet.

I know that helping people, love itd.  is the way, but i know it intellectually, i am not fully feeling it yet.

So should i go with fulfilling ego desires? 

or shall i  discover my real soul-purpose? and how?



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The Dreamboard & The Ego


There is a show called The Good Place in which people are welcomed into heaven by God who helps them with fulfilling their ultimate purpose of having a soul mate. The welcome is wonderfully received and really takes the sting out of death altogether. Yet as time passes something feels off and the characters begin to realize they are not exactly in the good place, and God is actually a demon. Yet oddly, they still don’t question the deception ‘itself’ while they continue striving for the good place with the help of a demon. 

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