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What is Feeling Good? (Emotional Awareness)


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Admittedly, there's actually no such thing as feeling good, you will never know what "good" feels like because its a word, and it also misleadingly implies that there is such thing as feeling bad. 


To use the term "feeling good" is to concede to the Ego a little bit, it is great bait for the ego actually so it's okay for the most part. 


Feeling is inherently goodness already, and cannot be split into Good/Bad. 


The feeling of whatever is felt IS the Goodness, it IS the wholeness. 


What is really wanted is not a good feeling or bad feeling, what is really wanted is Wholeness, Flow, Smoothness. 


The simplest but often avoided "Practice" to understand what im pointing to is emotional awareness meditation. Simply sitting and feeling into the emotional energy, ignoring all the thought stories that arise to justify it. If this is done consistently it can gradually (or immediately) be noticed that the "Good Feeling" isn't from the emotion, but from the Feeling of/into the emotion. Feeling is Awareness, Feeling is Love, whatever is felt is Loved. 


When sadness arises and is felt completely, it is Loved. Every emotion has the right to express itself however it wants. 


Emotion arises or shifts its texture, thought defends itself by creating thought stories about emotion in order to separate itself from emotion. Instead of fully feeling emotion, thought creates self and the emotion that self is feeling, do you notice how it tries to create distance in this manner? 


But, thought can never actually distance itself from emotion, so the discord is coming from the futility of trying to distance yourself from how you feel. Kind of like trying to put two magnets together but with the same poles, you know how when you try to do that the magnets push each other away? Imagine spending years trying to push the magnets together but they keep repelling each other, that IS resistance/discord. 


What is wanted is Wholeness, if sadness arises, let the whole universe Love sadness and celebrate it by fully BEING sadness. 


You'll be surprised to find out that when emotion is fully felt, it is more intense in the best way possible but fades away much quicker. 


Every emotion is literally a cosmic event, like a supernova. 


For example, during meditation shame/guilt came up and it was like the heart was exploding with fear and the energy was intense and blissful, I realized that emotion can never be wrong and has nothing to do with whatever thought story arises. 


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One of the most unbelievable things realized on the path is that all of the mundane or human stuff so to speak is actually awesome. 


Like in the beginning you want to become super human, then it's realized that all of the seemingly "human" stuff like emotions, failures, arguments, talking about nonsense, etc. is actually Love too. 


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