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high5test Result

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I got my result for this test if anyone took it.  Share what you have learned with us.


here are the results :

1 Strategist

2 Brainstormer

3 Thinker

4 Philomath

5 Chameleon


I took this test many times throughout the year I always get The Strategist as no.1

but I don't strategise anything in my life I do not have any goals or anything.


does anyone know how to use my no.1 strength lol I feel like a fool writing that I should have figured that out many years ago.


I have a theory that this no.1 trait is just Ne hero (Extroverted Intuition) in the cognitive functions as in MBTI theory bec this function is responsible for seeing further steps ahead into the future. also brainstorming as no.2 also from Ne (Extroverted Intuition).


Maybe bec people are not aware of their dominant functions they don't recognize their strengths. I figured it out as I am writing this post lol it all makes sense now.


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