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Music History, Musicology, and Music Analysis Thread

Joseph Maynor

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I decided to make a separate thread here where we can discuss music instead of just commenting on or posting specific albums.  We can discuss the evolution of music and how one thing becomes a thing in itself but also an influence toward the future development of music.  We can talk about genres here and influence.   Everything from music from the beginning of time to the present can be discussed here.  I've always been very interested in transfer of influences.  No doubt my exposure to music has affected my development in huge ways.  Music is just as much a tool for development work on the path as psychedelics are.  It's all in that music -- feeling and ideas!  Music is a universal language so to speak.  Hip Hop and Rap count in this too.  I like some Hip Hop and Rap.  Some of you youngsters know more than  I do as to music past 2015 or so.  I know Metal has evolved hugely since I stopped caring and listening in the early 90's.  I went backward into the history of music instead of forward at that point.  So, I have a good sense of the whole thing from Classical to Hip Hop, but I don't know everything and I don't listen to everything.  I could use a collaborative influence and perspective where the whole becomes greater than the part.  My biases can be overcome and so can your biases through collaboration of perspectives.  I'll give you broad strands of development in music that I've come to after listening and appreciating music from a broad scale for about 25 years now.  I also play Jazz trumpet.

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