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What I'm looking for 



Connection (deep) 



Emotional connection (repeated point) 

Domination (too much to ask for) /challenging/grounding 





Alignment and harmony 





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Without a doubt managing self-talk, cutting out everything negative about yourself, minimize the need for self-criticism/judgment, which also stretches to the criticism of others. Often we criticise others to indirectly meet a need to lift ourselves. Know when you judge, and try not to. 


Even smallest and seemingly benign self directed comment like thinking "cluts" when dropping something. 




When seeing yourself in a mirror, there should be zero judgment. The mirror is just a reflection, make it functional.


Be very careful what you say to yourself, because you're listning. 


The second thing I'd say to make sure that you're being authentic. If you're not allowing your authentic self to hsibe through, then you are literally faking life. Be authentic as much as possible, minimize personas/façades.

Feelin fake is detrimental to self-esteem. Authenticity allows for confidence in self, and helps bringing a stronger positive self-image. 




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This is not at all easy 

If you want a healthy person you should look for this 

They should be honest 

They should be respecting of your needs and wants 

They should not violate your boundaries 

They should be open not sneaky 

They should be emotional

They should have moral integrity 




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